Tips on writing a reflective essay

Tips on writing a reflective essay, I have developed a list of different ways (including a simple exercise you can use to get started) to make your essays more effective and creative.1. Write a unique introduction for each topic you propose to research.What are some of the reasons people give for research? What are some of those reasons (if any) you could use for specific topics? Write about those. Write a paragraph or two for each argument youll make with reasons.2. Create a list of 5 specific reasons youre interested in your topic.Your primary objective will be to persuade the reader to agree with your reasoning.

The list might include a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps youve been researching history for decades. In this case, it may be the case that the first time it was addressed, or perhaps youve recently taken a course related to the subject.3. List your primary data sources. How will they help you decide which key topic to research? What types of data sources will help you? Be specific. Dont just list sources; dont state it simply - dont just cite sources - youll need to add a key and a context to your research question.4.

Pick a topic which you feel strongly about. Describe it briefly. Perhaps describing the area of research might be useful. Describe enough facts to show that you havent done enough due to a lot of errors.5. How do you convince others? If your primary sources are some kind of journal article, do you feel compelled to state that opinion? Are you able to present yourself on the other side? Is your own experience convincing you? If you are able to offer evidence as part of your thesis, will you be able to provide an alternative explanation?6.

Write just a little bit about why youve chosen to pursue that particular research topic.Your main argument in the paper will be to persuade the reader of your competence and suitability in your own subject and will be used in that way too. The key to a strong thesis is to discuss what you do in your life beyond this or that experience when you look for sources to conduct your own research.7. Make sure you do not only mention your research topic in a concise, persuasive way. If it feels out of place, ask a professional who can help you to write about what you have done to know or to do research, especially so on something with you in it.8.

Dont forget about the sources you used to

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