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Bbc essay writing an outline : You will have the opportunity to customize the outline according to your own requirements by following outline format:1. Introduction.The first paragraph of your essay should introduce the content of your research paper. You should not include any information that is not needed in the body text. You should explain the background of the content in the introductory paragraph.2. Background Paragraph.Begin your introductory paragraph with a short paragraph that includes a paragraph stating what you learned from the content of the content.

This paragraph should explain the content of the essay.3. Body Paragraph.A paragraph will contain the introduction, the conclusion, and the personal statement. It should be a short section that mentions all of the background. It should explain what you learned from the content of the body text.4. Personal Statement.This paragraph should describe your essays research background. It should contain several sentences stating the facts about you, about your past experiences, about your future goals, your goals for career, and your academic and extracurricular activities.

Leave room for a personal opening, explaining your motivations for pursuing your academic goals (such as a particular grade point average, your love of art, or your interest in music).5. Future Goals.Here, you are introducing your personal statement. It is a brief portion of your essay you wrote to identify your future goals. It is a brief paragraph to describe your personal and professional future.6. Future Coursework.Provide a conclusion paragraph to your introduction. This is a paragraph that contains the future goals of the essay.

Explain the future and the reasons behind the decisions you made in the past.7. Future Persuasive Questions.Provide an answer to a particular question that will expand on the answers presented in the research paper. The more general the question, the faster your progress in the research paper.8. Future Argumentative Essay.Provide a strategy for writing a persuasive essay that will lead to success. You can use a brief opening, a short list of your thoughts, and a question to the essay.9. Research.In this section, you are going to describe your thesis statement, a summary of the evidence you used in the research paper.

For example, the statement Taxation should be reformed so people save money and reduce the suffering of the poor is a strong thesis statement that will support your thesis statement.

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