Writing about a book in an essay

Writing about a book in an essay and then you have to write it the way you want it to be written — in a form that you want it to be edited and proofread, rather than editing it and fixing it.Here are some of the major elements that you need to include in your paper:This essay needs to be well-structured, well-written, and well-written enough that you will stand out from other people and get your professors attention. The essay must contain the following five core elements:It must be well written History of the topic It must accurately reflect the facts in the text It must meet the assignment requirements (see the examples) It must have citations to the sources It must be organized in a logical manner It must contain a bibliography on the topics It must be concise and clean General interest and passion in the essay It must be written in a compelling tone (i.e., conversational tone)You will probably start at the beginning and work your way through.

This could be very confusing, but some readers will have trouble. It can feel really good to start writing and get all worked up and then work back into the essay. Many writers start with a big, detailed outline and then do a short, brief essay that explains the main concepts and then moves to the next main idea. After you have finished the main idea, use that outline to write all the detail and you are very close to writing your essay.When you read your assignment in class, don’t just copy it from the assignment prompt — you need to describe the topic in the general context of what you were asked to explore in the general essay.

Remember, your professor is not going to read all the background information of the assignment and then read it for you, so you need to know how it got there. Make sure your outline reflects what your professor expected. Here is an example of what a good general outline looks like when you are working through an assignment:My favorite movie is Hobbs by Al Capone. I think this film should be on the shortlist for the Best Of list.A student writing an essay needs to know what the guidelines for the topic are before they start the writing process.

Before they start the work process, give a clear look at the assignment handout which lists out the key sources and information. You then need to identify sources you know well and use those sources to write the essay.Once you know how the topic is covered, you can begin the writing process

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