Things to write an argumentative essay on

Things to write an argumentative essay on:Objective : To convince readers that there is a valid point of view.Method : Drawing on your observations, drawing examples, and generating arguments.Introduction : This should be at the beginning of your essay, in the middle of your essay, and at the very top of your essay. It should be at the bottom of the essay.Body : This needs to be at the top of the essay. It’s the central point of the essay. The body should be around 80% of the essay. It should include some examples of arguments, arguments for and against, arguments for and against, and counter arguments.Question : What is the point of the question?Answer : The answer is the first argument of the question.

The question should be a brief, descriptive question.Example: We don’t believe in war. Instead, we teach that peace is the only way to avoid suffering and win over people. Therefore, our country should be led by a leader who is not divisive and does not allow division.Answer: We believe in ending wars. The main point of the question is to teach that ending wars does not have to be a political process. Ending wars has many benefits while training people in peace tactics.Example: We teach that peace is a good thing.

Therefore, we should end wars with effective and legal methods.Answer : We believe that peace and cooperation are important in our country. Therefore, we should end wars with effective and legal methods.Counterargument : It is important to bring up all sides of the debate. The counterargument should be the argument or argument that should be supported by opposing sides.Example: We are opposed to fracking. What should we do about it? Let the fracking go? Should we stop it? Should we not be interested in it?Answer : Fracking should be banned.

However, we should encourage all countries to start using it. Fracking is only harmful for natural gas. However, we should encourage all countries to use it since it can be harmful to land resources.Example: We oppose nuclear waste. We want any country that takes nuclear waste to a safe level to not pollute the environment with hydrogen and decay. Our country already did that at the expense of countries that did not put it into practice.Answer: We believe in clean water. We want it to be clean and safe for drinking.

This is because our country did it to save our environment through saving the oceans and the seas.Note

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