Writing a literature essay

Writing a literature essay can still be confusing. A literature review does not tell you the history of the matter; instead, the concept of a literature review includes an evaluation of the primary sources and arguments that have been developed.You will need to gather and present a critical analysis of all the sources and arguments that have been advanced and a critical analysis of your thesis statement.Your argument will include the thesis statement, which is that every article which you find in your search for primary sources supports your thesis.For your critical analysis to be effective, there are special things that you must keep in mind while doing your own research or evaluating your literature review.Your literature review should include only the things that you think will be useful in your analysis and should include the opinions or thoughts and/or opinions of your sources.Your research should be done using methods that you have in practice and that will support your conclusions and recommendations of the source.

Here is a list of some of the essential things that one should do when reading books, articles, websites, journals or other sources before writing a literature review.1. Get a clear comprehension of the author’s perspective on the topic.Reading and writing about every book, article and website in your literature review should begin with a clear comprehension of the authors position. Most important, however, is understanding what is happening to explain this process as best as possible.How is this author’s stance changed over time and what are her goals?

Has this author changed over time and the level of use of methods has increased?How does the source lead you to conclusions? In what way have biases been introduced? In which ways has the author used the methods of gathering information?2. Read the text a certain way.Do not start your literature review by reading the text. Instead, go over your read and pick off the ideas you find along the way.Do not ignore the text because you have no idea of how the author came to those conclusions. Use notes or other information you have about the author about the way the texts is presented.

Write down the steps the author took to get to the conclusion.How does the author present their arguments to you in the introduction? Do not make use of technical language such as English or use an introductory summary. Focus on the action, how to win the argument.3. Read and critique the chosen literature for your readings.Here are some tips that when you write a literature review, make it clear how your reading will lead you to

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