Writing outlines for essays

Writing outlines for essays will be based upon research from various sources, usually from your class. They will also be based on your overall interest, your knowledge of the topic, and your approach to the assignment. Your outline should be a solid structure with a clear beginning, middle, and end, and the use of transitional words. When writing a great essay on the topic under investigation you should consider:What problem is the project investigating? Why did you decide to investigate the topic?

Does the project support your investigation or not? Is your research topic too broad or too narrow? What does the project aim to accomplish? What does the project aim to discover along the way? How is the project going to be conducted? Are there any ethical or legal issues to consider?The outline is a major part of your paper, and should include the following steps:Determine your research topic, both historically (that is, in the last two thousand years), and within the last two thousand years.

Determine how you intend to conduct your research. List keywords and definitions that support your topic in the abstract; use them at the end of your paper and in your references. Begin keywords research by listing any relevant ones that you find most convincing. Determine the topic: identify how you intend to conduct the research. What can be done about the topic, and how much more research will be carried out? Begin research at the beginning. Whats the research topic? What are the main ideas?

Find out what you know about it, and then what you dont know about it. Begin research using the primary ideas. Whats known about it? Ask people to give the sources you research. Start research using specific primary texts. Write about specific primary texts as you read the titles of certain books or essays on the topic. Write about a certain subject that youre currently interested in doing your research on. Ask yourself these questions: What do I know about this subject? What is the background?

Whats the current state? What research questions are I trying to answer? Can I write a research paper on a topic Im aware of? Is this topic narrow and difficult? How do my sources fit into the topic? Are my sources easy to understand? How does the research fit into the background of the topic? Is the topic more interesting than I imagined? How extensive is the research on this subject? How do other researchers and writers in my field of research do similar research or think so? Does the topic Im interested in have debates?

Does the topic seem interesting? How

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