How to write a university essay

How to write a university essay, also known as an argumentative essay.When you think of what to write as an essay, it starts with a statement of your purpose in the piece. Writing this type of argumentative essay focuses on your strengths and weaknesses and your arguments.It involves taking a stand on a particular topic that most interests you. What should you be going to show and what can you say about that topic? This type of article is also known as an essay-based paper or a research paper.Argumentative Sentence Template.A sentence is an argument in which you argue for your position, which you agree on, and what your position will be in response.Your thesis will be your stand as the author of the essay or article and the audience you serve.

It is important to think about your audience before you write your essay, it helps in improving your writing skills.A sentence structure is an idea that sums up your viewpoint in one short sentence. A sentence structure includes several statements, which could read like this:1. The author will argue for her point of view. If she supports it, the author will agree with her stand and be able to cite her sources in the article.2. There will be a strong conclusion that shows who the author has been against your position and why she is an effective counter-argument on the opposing side.

Should a sentence or more information be included in the paper? If so, the essay structure will help you to come up with strong arguments.Thesis Template.One way to think about what you might include in your thesis is to take a stance in support of your point. For example, a student might think of a scientific experiment that confirms if the experimenters had any prejudices that influenced their decision.Once that is out, the student will use the thesis statement to talk about how her opinion on the experiment is still valid and how she supports it.

Then the thesis statement will follow the sentence structure. Here are some examples and a template that will help you write your thesis:She opposed it because there were prejudices involved.She will have the following thesis to counter-argument on:A scientific experiment disproves her opinion.3. The author will discuss the arguments and counter-arguments that the author has in response to her position. If she makes a point, discuss it further.She won’t have to come up with a whole article about the reason why her position was deemed incorrect from the article.Thesis Template

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