Writing a thesis statement for an essay

Writing a thesis statement for an essay is a brief and effective summary of your work. This is the basic outline of your thesis which sums up the main theme, background, analysis of your work, and arguments. In case, it is a research paper, you may add references in the order mentioned in the introduction.Step #1. Formatting.Weird and important formatting rules to abide by when writing a thesis statement.Weird & notable formatting rules.Formatting that includes the word ‘summary’ in the margins (and use bold font): Use bold and italics formatting with a different color on each page.

‘summary’ is a descriptive term for many things you can do in the text, but it’s not a very meaningful statement as it simply reflects your opinion. Formatting that includes the words ‘results’ instead of ‘summary’ in words on the first page: Do not insert the words results on the first section of the page. Do not add the word ‘results’ to your thesis statement. Use bold fonts for this section: Avoid boldface fonts on every page in your thesis. Avoid bold fonts on every section of your thesis.

Do not include the words outcomes of the project in your thesis. In other words, make everything a little smaller to make the thesis more detailed. Do not include unnecessary words, unnecessary sentences or abbreviations in your thesis statement. Avoid using bold fonts on every segment of the introduction.Formatting that:Converts text into words: Use italics font, bold fonts for bold titles: Use bold fonts for titles that have less than 150 words: Use bold fonts for longer titles. Avoid double-spaced words: Double spaces are allowed to separate the words for a larger text: Use italics font to avoid double-spaced words.

Formatting that contains in bold brackets (or bold letters) text: Avoid in italics fonts: Avoid in italics fonts.Step #2. Formating your thesis.Do your own thesis assignment. You can do other kinds of research when writing or even to finish a paper. You can include as many or as little information as you want in the thesis as it will help you learn more about your study.Start by proofreading your thesis on and taking notes. Follow the same structure as the other thesis statements. First, summarize your work.

Then explain why your thesis is significant. Use your summary to emphasize your thesis by highlighting the arguments the thesis makes. And do not forget to

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