How to write a rationale for an essay

How to write a rationale for an essay on the theme of “Universities lose their humanity” (Simmons, 2015). MARTINEZ AND DEYON: It is hard for me to tell if you are really passionate about the topic you are writing about or not. At the heart of this question is the question of the universities that do not treat human life, their human tragedies and what can be accomplished by them in the future. As long as it is the former and not the latter, how can you make it relevant to the subject you are writing about?

To me, the main aim of the modern writer is to write something “intricate” in which every element of life is not just “intellectually disciplined”. To the contrary, it is the author who is trying to create a certain type of life – to be interested in human issues and to write about them. For me it is important that the author has something to say and not merely “a statement and not a list”. To write essays, you need to find something to say, an ideal story, some way you should write about the things that drive people’s thinking, what people do if their thinking is wrong, that people are just as guilty as the criminals they are.

The key to this is to know how to write a good essay that will drive the next generation in some way. It is also important to write in the present or new, in the new time we live in and so on.3. “I am writing this because there seem few people who think the future has already arrived. How did this happen?” (Simmons, 2015)It is very interesting to compare several examples of the essay-writing process in college from different cultures or from different eras. What similarities do you see? How do the different cultures differ?

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