Writing a case study essay

Writing a case study essay, youll come to the conclusion that most of the cases report are not representative of the larger study. So, you first need to ask what questions lead to the case study and analyze the particular case study. This is another good strategy to introduce and get a hold of the case study methodology before taking on the actual case study.The first thing to understand is that there are various case studies and they are a way to explore different aspects of a case while also learning from each case (Pinto & Barone, 1991).Types : Case studies are a popular form of business planning and analysis (Barone & Leung, 2004).

They may give a clear understanding of the overall context of the case study being studied in. Then a case study research method, such as a qualitative method or in-depth interviews, is adopted. The main objectives are to obtain insight into the characteristics of each individual case, identifying what information was gathered, and analyzing the findings for themselves.Example : In Ayers case, a couple, Joanne and Joanne Perrine, decided to make a small investment of $50,000 in a property. The case study report would involve multiple sources and could include interviews, observations; notes from the house and the live testimony from the couple’s neighbors.Possible Challenges : The work load is heavy for multiple platforms.

There is no time to explore the factors that affect the decision, analyze, and analyze. This type of case study does not allow for thorough data analysis for each source, and it also may not be easy to identify individual case specific events that lead to decision making. By taking on the case study approach, you can gather and analyze a complete and accurate description of events that lead to decision making. You would also need to use the information gathered in previous case studies for interpreting the case study findings and discussing them with the neighbors.

To be able to do this, you would need to know the characteristics of each individual case and, by looking at them together, could provide a good account of the factors and the decision processes. The ability to learn from prior case studies may be difficult to achieve. To keep the experience engaging, it’s necessary to share and share insights across both groups.Step #4: Analytical Reasoning.Once you have a complete picture of the decisions that led to the decision, you can analyze it to learn whether more may have come of it than anticipated and evaluate whether these factors may have played a part in the decision.

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