Writing a quote in an essay

Writing a quote in an essay, that was written by someone else, that the writer had the benefit of feedback and was subsequently made aware by the school. A quote doesn’t belong on the statement sheet! So try and put the statement on a separate page for the purposes of explaining the source, or making sure the statement is not too long.If you are confused with an article, write the statement in italics on the first page. Then write the name of the writer, his/her name and the period the paragraph is in.

Then write the date and the word count, then indent the lines to match. To write a statement in italics, then put the word a statement next to it and start the sentence with the word Statement of a statement.Example: The question So what does a statement like ‘A woman should be able to make abortion painless and the quotation similar to that one: Pain is necessary to save the life. and the following: She should be able to make abortions painless.Keep in mind that when a writer talks about her topic, the audience must understand that she has not just taken a typical position, but also has a specific claim which the reader will not want to accept.Example: It would appear that she wants to make abortion painless because, according the author, women will never lose the quality of life for any reason except the desire for the abortion.

It is important to be realistic in thinking about this, and allow the writer to explain what this is about.To write a statement that includes many sentences in a paragraph, write each sentence as an introduction and then provide the readers with an introduction with a question. Then give readers a glimpse of what follows.Example: An error in some of the above essays leads to the author not paying attention to the question. One way to avoid this question is to write the statement as an introduction to the main thesis.

If you want to avoid this mistake, a sentence should not refer to the fact the author was surprised at the results given during the article writing session.Lets see how to write a statement that shows the thesis.Start with a simple statement that includes many sentences. Then give each sentence as a separate paragraph. Then provide the reader with an introduction with a question or quotation.Example sentence: With over 60 million abortions scheduled every year in the United States, abortion is most often viewed as a chore that is performed on the womans part.

With 100 million abortions performed

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