Stages of essay writing

Stages of essay writing.1. Introduction.In this section, you’ll need to explain your topic and make a strong argument for why it’s important. You can write this after being concise and focused in your essay. The introduction should be concise and to the point, as your reader will want to see why your topic is so important. The body of the paper should also include any information needed to make your essay stand out.2. Background.This is where you get a brief perspective on what you’re writing about in the larger context of your essay.

If you’re writing to be a student, use this background for your introduction.3. Outline and thesis.An outline works well to help you understand where you will be coming into the essay—or how your topic will be defined. This is also a great place to write a broad outline as you come up with topic ideas. The outline helps you start to organize your findings and gives you a framework for your paper.4. Background and conclusion.Here you write a brief history of the topic—indicating which thesis you were setting out on your own.5.

Recommendations.Here you summarize the points you made and reiterate how you came to these conclusions. Make sure they’re accurate.If your introduction was just a few paragraphs long, you can use this section of your essay to highlight something you made a clear difference in the essay.Once you know your paper will be perfect, focus on developing a thesis statement.Thesis Sentence.As a writer, you’ll be expected to state a thesis immediately, without moving the needle. It can be one sentence max, or you’ll want your thesis to be longer depending on what you need to add to it.Thesis Sentence.You’ll need to provide details about your perspective within a thesis sentence.

After writing this sentence, it’s good to outline the thesis statement within your essay.For example, you may say ‘During a recent argument in front of the whole class of teachers, a teacher decided to punish a student for a verbal disagreement with his teacher.’Now, think about the teacher. You can’t blame her for letting you make a disagreement with your teacher that escalated into a fight with a class member. In this instance, you can use the thesis sentence as an answer to ‘Why are there two professors in class?

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