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Essay custom writing service for your academic papers. You will be guaranteed a writer with the required expertise.Sections to be covered in the second and third editions.Table of Contents.Table of contents PDF.This page lists the information needed in the second edition of the Essay Essay Writing Guidelines.We hope that you find the following important information and that you want to download the correct document, or use this document to download part of it.1. Introduction 2. Introduction 3. Introduction 4.

Introduction.2. Background material.Consider the background of the subject under discussion. A review of past work or literature can be organized to address the importance of the subject, the problem, the way that it is being addressed, how or why the topic is being addressed, and what is being done about it.3. Research questions.The questions are a part of the introduction of the third and final edition of the Guidelines and can be used with an introduction that is the same or different from the introductory of the first edition.4.

Findings.The findings of the study provide the answer to the question “What are the implications of this project for the subject, as well as the potential impact of the study on the study topic”.5. Study designs.The study of this subject has to be designed according to the guidelines and aims of the paper. The design should aim to achieve the desired aim; be suitable for the student and not be a part of major or important projects.6. Review.The research design should review and describe briefly the main questions and potential problems that have been investigated and how this study will be conducted.

The review of this paper is not only for determining what research topic has been discussed within the previous period but also for the review of specific questions that have not been addressed in the previous period such as: where appropriate research has focused on a particular area, how that area has emerged, who is using the research topic, the timing of the establishment of the specific project and which areas have been studied previously.7. Results.The first and third editions of the Guidelines did not define the results chapter, but it was introduced in order to create clarity.

The results can be divided into these following.(1) Study design.In a previous study, the authors defined this as: an intensive exploration of a subject; the use of a research strategy that focuses on generalising over several years to a more extensive context; or

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