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Method of essay writing: Literature Review.A thesis statement is the beginning of a literature review or a section of a literature review. It is essential for getting some idea on whether a piece of writing is interesting. The aim here is to find some evidence for the thesis statement (that is, evidence of the fact that it holds up to any other information you have ever shared with your readers) and to show that you know your readers that the literature on which you are linking is not just another topic of your thesis.For more information, see our full guide on Literature Review.Writing a literature review.When you are completing a literature review, it is important to be aware of the following things:The structure of the review The content of the literature The method of analysis that you chose.How to organize the body of the literature review.To start with, the process of writing is usually straightforward.

You select the themes and findings and write about them step by step. Next, you divide the literature into sub-sections related to your topic and the gap between your sub-sections.At the end of this process, you should divide the literature into different types, like brief summaries when you have a lot of relevant material and detailed discussion of each research problem you plan to explore in the review. You can divide up each sub-section of the literature review section, or you can even choose a subheading that will split each sub-heading into its sub-headings.After dividing the literature into sub-sections, you need to do the other step by step.

After this, once again, you divide the body by dividing them into sub-sections as shown below.What is a literature review summary?A literature review summary is the first part of any literature review. It describes what’s known about a subject and tells readers what a study has already found out. It’s your summary of the whole work that is included in the section.It is important to note that a literature review summary is only a final part in the literature review process (a year’s worth).

Writing a literature review is not a formal part of your degree, nor is simply summarizing your work. The main goal is to convey the importance of a work and what you have found out. It’s important to note that you should also note why certain results have been reported. It’s good practice to find out the reasons behind certain findings before you report them, which will lay out why you

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