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Things to write persuasive essays on science topics.For each of the following topics, you can take care of more than 1 problem. Each problem could be solved with the help of several strategies or techniques.How does heat transfer affect the structure of DNA? How does a sperm whale reproduce? Is DNA duplicated? What does it mean that sperm whales have fewer sperm? Does DNA damage lead to the loss of sperm? What does it look like to grow breasts? What is the origin of the sperm whale? How did the sperm whales sperm whales develop?

What has been learned from them about sperm whales? What is science doing around the whaling industry? What are some of the ways that sperm whales evolved? Why was the sea life extinct? What are the benefits of the use of sperm whales? How did the first people use sperm whales? Does the use of whalebone increase the production of meat? (Do males use whales? No.) How does female reproduction change during the breeding period? How are eggplugs used in the life of whales? Does cold, rainy climate change the reproductive cycle of sperm whales?

Can the sperm whale be considered as a species? What is it about the whales that makes them exceptional? Why is a sperm whale such an amazing animal? Is killing the whale a viable option to save whales a good choice? Is the sperm whale a valuable pet? How successful is the whale trade? How can studying the history of sperm whales help save them? What are some of the biggest problems with mass migration of whales? Is the speed (or size) of mass migration an important risk to whales? What is the scientific value of using sperm whales to study diseases?

How does whale sex affect the way the sperm whales sexual lives develop? Can a sperm whale offer benefits to endangered wild animals? What are the pros and cons of commercial whaling? Has whalebone helped to save endangered whales? Are there alternatives to commercial whaling? How does whalebone help preserve endangered species? Is the use of whalebone good management? What is biological diversity? Is the use of whalebone the best way to study how whales are affected? Is there some form of eco-resilience possible with whales?

How have sperm whales changed over time? How does whalebone help conservation? What are the benefits of whale-bone research to marine wildlife? What is the environmental impact of commercial whaling and how can it best be managed?How Can I Write a Good Science Fair Science Book?Writing a science fair book is probably the most effective way to get

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