Writing an essay proposal

Writing an essay proposal can be made more convincing when you start your assignment by reviewing the contents of the proposal. Do, for example, note down the main points of the literature review and analyze them for the nature of what the reader should look for. You will also need to analyze what kinds of issues the reader should look for in your paper.How do I write an essay introduction?The introduction is the heart of your paper. It should draw the reader in and force him- or herself to think about your ideas, the topic sentence structure, and the thesis statement.

Begin the essay by writing an introductory paragraph. It should begin with a question or a sentence that would lend its importance to the introduction section. Once you have your topic sentence in mind, ask yourself the following questions:What is the topic sentence for this paragraph? What is the topic sentence for the body of the paper? Are there any subtopics? Do I have enough information or enough evidence? Do I need to provide background or support?In my essay, I would begin the writing process with a question.

Why is this topic an interesting topic? What was the importance of this topic in the field that my research interests in? What problem is the writer trying to solve? Why is this topic important or important?The body of the paper should contain all the key components of an introduction.What are the main points of the topic or research paper? What is the central question that you would like to address and ask for my research paper? What kind of research paper is my research paper? Are there any subtopics that I would like to raise; for example, I would like to investigate the relation between obesity and mental illness?When I have everything on my mind, I can begin to organize my essay in three paragraphs.

Here are some tips for writing an essay introduction:The introduction is your thesis statement. You want it to be clear and to-the-point. Focus on telling a compelling story with several subtopics, but do not overdo it. Think about how your topic relates to the broader issue at hand. Write out an introduction story for the reader to easily dig out. When will it come down to writing an introduction? Dont worry, it will be a bit easier than writing your paper. For now, you are only planning about three paragraphs.

The body of your essay should consist of 3-5 subparts.Body Thesis : Assert your position and claim by establishing some facts, details, and statistics in your

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