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Writing essay contests.Contest rules:Teachers or peers from anywhere in campus will get three to four written entries for their essay contest. Students must register to submit. They will be given deadline of October 1st. Entries must be from the school community and must be written.Teachers are invited to write a sample essay or two. They are also encouraged to answer any questions and participate in the discussion. There are no limits to who can write a draft.A student who does not have a good thesis, is unable to submit an essay can start to edit, and they will be given 30 minutes to complete the essay.

It is the writers choice of the writer to submit the essay for a final draft. Students are to answer any question and write a preview essay. The preface should be submitted, written, and numbered with their thesis name.Teaching English in China.Teaching English in China: The Language of Teacher Education.The language has many parts, but the teaching of English in China is the most important of them. English writing is the language that is being taught in schools, and it is very important for schools and society.In China, English is considered the only language that is taught in schools.

In the Chinese-English schools, there are many differences in English teaching style, learning style, vocabulary, and punctuation and language.How to write a good teaching English.Before writing to English, students must think about how much English they want to learn, who they want to teach, and what the teachers want in English.The structure of English-level writing assignments in China is as follows…1st English Writing Assignment 2nd English Writing Assignment 3rd English Writing Assignment 4th English Writing Assignment 5th English Writing Assignment 6th English Writing Assignment 7th English Writing Assignment.1st English Writing Assignment.“I had a feeling that I had only 2 sentences to write in English.”Teacher 1: First sentence:“There is a reason why teachers have to teach themselves English so I asked my teacher to write down my assignment.

I have no time to write, so I sent it to myself and it was okay.Teacher 2: Second sentence:“My teacher said it was okay, it sounds like I am having problems with grammar and it needs correcting.”It helps to think about language as being a key element in learning because it is in your nature to be self-critical and

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